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Jan Loomis was our beautiful mother who lost her battle to depression in November 2016. She loved fishing, gardening, bird-watching, her dog Oreo and most of all her family.

Our mother also loved dragonflies. Dragonflies symbolize the ability to overcome times of hardship in many cultures. They can remind us to take time to reconnect with our own strength, courage and happiness. 

On the night of the viewing, my sisters cleaned the house top to bottom preparing for the celebration of life the next day that would be held at our home. When we came home from the viewing, a massive dead dragon fly was in the center of our dining room floor in the dead of winter. 

Although Jan had a lot of dragonfly decorations, we had never seen her collect actual dragonflies. Some may say it was just our dogs who somehow found this massive gold-winged dragonfly and left it for us to find. We'd like to believe it was our mom letting us know she was in a better place free of pain.

You will see dragonfly items in our shop in remembrance of our mom. All funds go towards a scholarship in Jan's name.

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